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How We Can Assist You With Sports Physiotherapy

Whether competing at an elite level or enjoying your favourite sports socially, our dedicated team of sports physiotherapists is equipped with the best resources and extensive experience to assist you in recovering from sports injuries and preventing future ones.


We specialise in treating a wide range of sports-related injuries, including Achilles Tendonitis, Bursitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, patellofemoral pain (runner's knee), ankle sprains, back pain, groin strain, hamstring tears, knee joint injuries, shin splints, shoulder dislocations, and rotator cuff injuries.


Personalised Care and Education

Recognising that each athlete is unique, we provide tailored assessments and treatment plans based on the latest evidence-based practices. Our goal is to not only address your current injury but also to educate you on injury prevention strategies, enhancing your overall fitness and resilience.


We're not just about treating injuries; we're about empowering you. We provide the knowledge and support you need to prevent future injuries, helping you maintain optimal performance and enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. Whether you're dealing with a recent injury or looking to prevent one, our team is here to support your sports and fitness goals with professional care and precision. 


Where Do You Offer Sports Physiotherapy?

With over 47 practices spread across Australia, we're sure to be nearby and ready when you need us. Take a look at this map to find out if the nearest PhysioChoice practice to you offers Sports Physiotherapy as a service!