Water creates natural resistance to movement, which forces the muscles of your body to work harder. This creates a  positive long-term impact on muscle strength and endurance.

The added buoyancy eases movement in the pool, stimulating circulation and easing pain in the joints. This also decreases effective body weight, allowing those with too much discomfort to walk the ability to replicate land activities in a safe and supportive setting.

Our physiotherapists will comprehensively assess your ability to move in a warm water environment, opening up new pathways for patients to move that they wouldn’t usually achieve on land.

Hydrotherapy is not available at all PhysioChoice locationsPlease inquire with your local practice before making a booking.

I cannot speak more highly of the team at PhysioChoice. After seeing my previous physiotherapist for a couple of months, I had no improvement. When I started with Dan, he set up a 12-week plan and now I am as good as new.
Rebecca T.Pakenham, Victoria


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