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How We Can Assist You With Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a physiotherapist-led body training regiment developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century in Germany.


It is focused on improving posture, balance, core stability, strength, flexibility, and breathing. 


As a low-impact exercise focusing on the human body's core and crucial muscle groups, Clinical Pilates is often used by physiotherapists to help patients recover from injuries or improve their overall health and fitness.


The Benefits

Clinical Pilates offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it improves your posture by strengthening the core muscles and stretching the spine. It enhances balance and control by training the body to move in a coordinated and efficient manner. It promotes core stability by strengthening the abdomen, back, and pelvis muscles. It builds strength by targeting all the major muscle groups in the body. Finally, it increases flexibility by stretching the muscles and joints, improving breathing and the respiratory muscles, and enhancing the body's ability to oxygenate the blood.


Where Do You Offer Clinical Pilates?

With over 47 practices spread across Australia, we're sure to be nearby and ready when you need us. Take a look at this map to find out if the nearest PhysioChoice practice to you offers Clinical Pilates as a service!