Abdominal Separation: It's Not Just a Postnatal Concern

Abdominal Separation: It's Not Just a Postnatal Concern


✨ Abdominal separation is often associated with post-pregnancy, but guess what? Men can have it too! Even fit, healthy individuals can experience it. Did you know Tarzan (aka Alexander Skarsgard) sported an abdominal separation?

🔎 What is it? The tissue that divides your six-pack muscles is called the linea alba. A separation occurs when this tissue stretches, increasing the space between the muscles. From slight to significant separations, it's something our physios often spot.

💥 Causes Include:

  • Pregnancy or significant abdominal wall stretch.
  • Poor core strength and muscle imbalances.
  • Altered breathing strategies.
  • Bracing during heavy activities.

Why Should You Care? This separation can lead to back pain, hernias, and even urinary issues in women. A soft linea alba might mean forces aren't transferring across your body properly, placing extra strain on your back.

🔍 How to Check? Notice a bulge in your midline during crunches? Feel a gap where your muscles should be? An expert physio is your best bet for a thorough assessment.

🌈 Good News: Physios Can Help! From alignment checks to specific exercises that strengthen the linea alba, physiotherapy can restore balance. At PhysioChoice, we offer imaging ultrasounds to see how your muscles work and help you get back on track.

💌 Got questions or concerns? Reach out to us. Remember, knowledge is power, and we're here to help!

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