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Swansea Physiotherapy is now apart of the PhysioChoice family.
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Conditions We Treat at Swansea.

From arthritic conditions and joint pain, to headaches and post-operative rehabilitation. Call us today on (02) 4971 3541 to better understand how we can assist you on your road to recovery!

  • Arthritic Conditions
  • Headaches
  • Joint Pain
  • Lymphoedema Treatment
  • Muscular Injuries
  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Post-Operative Rehab
  • Sports-Related Injuries

Our Team

Meet the Friendly Faces Dedicated to Helping You

At Swansea Physiotherapy, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best possible treatment for their injuries. With a perfect blend of talent and experience, our friendly team of physicians will confidently assist you on your journey.

The staff at PhysioChoice are fantastic, friendly, knowledgeable, and understand that we need to get back to work as soon as possible. I have always had effective treatment for my problems and have recommended PhysioChoice to many friends and clients.
John D.Greenslopes, Queensland
Po Chun Liu
Po Chun LiuPhysiotherapist
Po graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). She completed a Level 1 Dry Needling training with the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Po has current experience in acute care in the hospital setting where she works with patients who underwent orthopaedic surgeries. Po enjoys dealing with all musculoskeletal patients, with a special interest in orthopaedic conditions and sports injuries. Po particularly likes diagnosing and treating shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle problems. Po is a highly motivated and open minded individual, who is passionate about helping clients return to the things that mean the most to them by taking and applying the latest in research. Outside physiotherapy, Po enjoys staying active all the time, and enjoys weight training and playing basketball. Spending time outdoors, exploring the city, and meeting new people are a few things Po likes to enjoy. Another lifetime enjoyment is eating! Po was born and grew up in Hong Kong, who speaks fluent Cantonese and Mandarin aside from English.
Kym Mangos
Kym MangosPhysiotherapist
Kym obtained his Bachelor of Science from the University of New South Wales in 1980, and graduated with his Diploma of Physiotherapy and Diploma of Manipulative Physiotherapy in 1988. Kym is interested in using a combination of manual therapy and yoga poses to address musculoskeletal problems. Over the last 20 years, he has studied and used manipulative techniques developed by Brian Mulligan. These techniques involve the therapist applying gentle pressure while the patient moves into the area of stiffness or pain. Kym has been teaching and practicing Iyengar yoga since 1995. This form of yoga emphasises alignment of the body and the use of props to help the student achieve the pose. These poses help address the underlying reasons that may have led to musculoskeletal problems. Kym’s married with 3 children, which often feels as if he’s living a forty-year life in a 60-plus-old body. He practices some yoga every day and tries to get in the ocean as much as possible.
Carolyn Urquhart
Carolyn UrquhartPhysiotherapist
Carolyn received her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland. Carolyn has 25 years of experience in providing care in private practice. She has a specific interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and enjoys listening to patients and working with them to problem-solve causes and solutions for their pain and dysfunction. She finds it hugely rewarding to be able to improve someone’s quality of life. Carolyn lives close to the beach with her husband, 2 teenage children and her Schnauzer Peppa. She enjoys early morning walks, yoga classes, and is pretty obsessed with any craft involving yarn and fibre!
Kris Lam
Kris LamPhysiotherapist
Kris graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Newcastle. She has previous experience working as a physiotherapy aide at a local private hospital. She also worked as a sports trainer for 3 years with soccer and football teams. She is working for a local soccer team as a physiotherapist this year. Kris is eager to learn and open-minded. She is interested in treating musculoskeletal injuries, with a specific interest in sports related injuries, lower back problems and chronic pain. She has also completed her Dry needling Level 1 course from APA. Outside of work, Kris is passionate about playing indoor volleyball, travelling around and outside Australia. She played for the Hunter Volleyball Representative Team in 2022.


Where Are You Located?

1 Wood Street, Swansea NSW 2281.
Swansea Physiotherapy practice dates back to 1988, having provided continuous, high-quality physiotherapy services to the local communities of Swansea, Caves Beach, Blacksmiths and Nords Wharf.