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PhysioChoice Ridgehaven, formerly known as Physio One, is a privately owned and operated, full-service physiotherapy practice located at 1275 North East Road in Ridgehaven, South Australia. PhysioChoice Ridgehaven is providing high-quality services, and our physiotherapists will work with you to reduce pain from any injury or condition. 

PhysioChoice Ridgehaven offers a range of services to identify and analyse your injury or condition, achieve your physiotherapy or massage therapy goal, and reduce the risk of recurrence. These services include:

    • General Physiotherapy
    • Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy
    • Clinical Pilates
    • Acupuncture

We take pleasure in being able to accommodate everyone at PhysioChoice. We have a large list of qualified physiotherapists available, so no matter what your injury or condition is, you will be able to find someone passionate about achieving your physiotherapy goals.

You can contact our friendly team at Ridgehaven on (08) 8264 1397 to book your appointment.

Rob Zanelli



Rob graduated from University of South Australia with his Bachelor of Applied Science Physiotherapy, and his Bachelor of Science from Adelaide University.

Robs interested in all musculoskeletal conditions, with specific interests in shoulder & lower back conditions. His goal as a physiotherapist is to restore the patient’s function, provide understanding of the issue & prevention strategies. His aim is to also surpass patient expectations & provide confidence.

Rob enjoys physical activities ranging from gardening, fishing, Aussie rules football to experimental decorating & cooking.

Corey Donnellan



Corey received a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of South Australia.

Corey enjoys treating sports injuries, orthopaedic rehabilitation post-surgery, neck pain and headaches. An interest of his is working predominantly with manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Corey’s goal as a physiotherapist is promoting and enabling people to achieve their desired outcomes with hands on treatment, exercise prescription and education.

Corey enjoys keeping active and playing competitive tennis, social golf and stand-up paddle boarding. He enjoys watching the AFL and spending time with his family.

Purvi Patel



Purvi graduated with her Dual Masters in Global Project Management and Public health from Torrens University, Australia, Master of Science in Kinesiology (Exercise Science and Rehabilitation) from Brooklyn College, US, and her Bachelor in Physiotherapy from Mumbai University.

Purvi’s key areas of interest are hands-on particularly spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation, soft tissue release, sustained myofascial release techniques, peripheral joint mobilisation, return to work/sports injuries. Purvi also enjoys analysing posture and gait, as she believes it is an important component of the management process as they frequently contribute to improved quality of life. She has dealt with various age groups from 6 months old to geriatric population, treating them for musculoskeletal to neurological, and sports related injuries to orthopaedic surgeries. Purvi’s goal as a physiotherapist is to help people move better, to coach new graduates and build a healthier society. She sees herself graduating with a PhD degree in the future.

Since graduating, Purvi has worked in a variety of settings in different countries including Australia. She has completed 2 masters degrees (Dual masters, Australia and Master of science, US), and has worked under several titles, including Senior consultant, HOD of Neurology, and clinical educator. Purvi enjoys spending time with her lovely husband and gorgeously adorable daughter. As a family, they enjoy the bush walks, glamping, hiking, dinner at restaurants and with friends, and the beach walks. Purvi loves everyday morning family yoga, and painting/art/experimental cooking on absolutely boring/unplanned days.

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