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PilatesChoice is the choice for the attainment of lifetime physical outcomes through individualised physiotherapy led programs.

We offer individual programs tailored to all life stages, abilities and goals

What We Can Do For You

Clinical Pilates is a type of physical exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century in Germany. Clinical pilates addresses posture, balance, core stability, strength, control, flexibility, and breathing.

PilatesChoice offers individualised programs for achieving long-term physical goals.  In order to maximise the key benefits of Pilates, a physiotherapist will supervise and guide you through the correct use of pilates equipment in one of our many specifically designed Clinical Pilates studios.

Women's health, men's health, pre and post-natal, rehabilitation, and athletics are just a few of the specific programs we offer based on your individual needs. These programs have numerous advantages, including:

    • Alleviates Injuries and assists in injury recovery.
    • Improvement of core strength and flexibility
    • Minimises back and neck pain.
    • It reduces pelvic pain.
    • Prepares your body for pregnancy.
    • Enhances general well-being.

We have two types of sessions: one-on-one with your physiotherapist and the other in a group setting.   We create a fun and friendly environment in which we will make you feel at ease right from the start of your first session.

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