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Providing comprehensive physiotherapy for orthopaedic, sports and musculoskeletal problems.


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Physio One was established in 2000 by Eamonn McCole, James Schapel, Duncan Haskard and Rob Zanelli. They originally started a private practice in 1986.

How you will benefit when you visit a Physio One clinic

1. Hands-on treatment

When you visit a Physio One clinic you find that we a have an emphasis on using hands-on therapy . This involves manual techniques such as gentle manipulation /mobilisation; massage; trigger point therapy; stretching and myofascial release. This helps you regain pain free movement in your joints and soft tissues.

2. Evidenced based therapy

As far as possible, we use evidence from the literature and research to guide treatment. This will ensure that you receive the best and most up to date treatment approaches.

3. Active therapy

Much of the evidence points to the importance of active therapy in successfully overcoming pain and injury. Active therapy involves you in the treatment process. It means that you can learn ways to treat yourself rather than relying solely on passive therapy such as hands-on treatment and medication.

4. Exercises

One of the cornerstones of good physiotherapy is exercise. You will be prescribed exercises to help improve your strength, mobility, balance and function. Exercises will complement the hands-on treatment. It will allow you to take control and be part of the healing process. This will speed up recovery, reduce recurrence and reduce your dependency on your therapist.

5. Education and communication

It is important that you understand what your problem is, how it occurred and how to manage it. You will be given ongoing education about your problem so that you understand the treatment process and how you can help.

6. Acupuncture

Many of our therapists have undergone further training in acupuncture. This will complement traditional types of treatment and can speed up recovery.

7. Working with your medical doctor

Though physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners (you generally don’t need a medical referral to have physiotherapy), they do work closely with the medical profession. Medical doctors commonly involve a physiotherapist in the management of many problems. Conversely, physiotherapists are quick to refer patients to a medical doctor if the problem requires this.


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