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Pakenham PhysioChoice offer physiotherapy, massage therapy and clinical pilates at the highest quality of service. Our practice is located at 3-4/11 John Street, across the street from Pakenham Central, with undercover parking available through James Street (immediately to the left of ramp) and has 6 trained physiotherapists with a passion for identifying the source of the problem while minimizing recovery time.

PhysioChoice Pakenham provides a variety of services to help you feel your best self, including:

    • Physiotherapy – comprehensive treatment and management of all physical conditions
    • Clinical Pilates – as part of physical injury management or for fitness/strength/injury prevention
    • Hydrotherapy – as part of rehabilitation including post-operative care

But wait, there’s more! To see one of our numerous physiotherapists or massage therapists, you do not need a referral (except for DVA and Medicare EPC), and it is claimable on Private Health Insurance (if covered as an extra), with prices reduced as low as possible. We also offer all Worksafe injuries, TAC injuries, and Medicare (EPC) referrals at no extra cost.

Why not make an appointment with our helpful team at PhysioChoice Pakenham today? We provide extended hours, same-day consultations (in most situations), and an easy-to-use online booking system for after-hours appointments.

Dan Hunter (Director)



Dan is the Principal Physiotherapist of our Pakenham Practice. Dan graduated with his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle Western Australia, after 3 years of prior study in the field of biomechanics and biophysics at the University of Western Australia.

Dan approaches injuries and ailments by addressing all the biomechanical contributing factors – making sure to not just fix the pain today, but stop it from coming back tomorrow. He also trains and competes as a body builder and power lifter, this extensive knowledge of exercise techniques helps in making sure that his patients are well equipped with home exercise programs tailored to their specific needs.

His areas of special interest include breaking chronic pain cycles, sports injury management, performance/training improvement, falls prevention and strength training/programming. Dry needling is one of his areas of expertise.

Sylvie Zhang



Sylvie is a graduate of La Trobe University, having obtained a Master of Physiotherapy Practice.

Her professional interests are in hydrotherapy and clinical Pilates, and looks forward to continuing her education on-the-job whilst working at Pakenham.

Outside of work Sylvie enjoys nature walks, badminton, spending time with her family, traveling, reading and honing her skills at baking.

Curtis Lee



Curtis holds both a Master of Physiotherapy Practice and a Bachelor of Applied Science from Latrobe University.

As a sports enthusiast Curtis’ interests lie in treatment of back pain shoulders, lower limb injuries and other common sporting injuries. He joined PhysioChoice in order to help others recover from their injuries and provide support when they return to daily activities.

Curtis has been active his whole life, from participating in competitive swimming to hiking, fishing and playing basketball (with an especial interest in the NBA). He is also looking to hone his musical skills by taking up guitar.

Jessica Gracan



Jessica graduated from Latrobe University with a Bachelor of Health Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice.
Jessica’s areas of professional interest include sports injuries and spinal injuries. She also enjoys treating younger patients, and prides herself on being an excellent communicator.

Jessica is also a sports fan outside of work; she plays netball, acts as a coach for younger players in the sport at the local level, and barracks for Collingwood in the AFL.

Haylee Lineham



Haylee graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences majoring in Anatomy and Physiology and a Masters of Physiotherapy from La Trobe University.

Haylee has a strong interest in gender health physiotherapy including pregnancy related musculoskeletal conditions and incontinence. She is planning to undertake further training in this field. Haylee is also an avid basketballer, having played most of her life. She enjoys treating patients with Sports related muscular injuries and teaching clinical pilates; dry needling is one of her areas of expertise.

Haylee takes a holistic approach to patient care, aiming to treat the cause of the problem not just the symptoms. She is passionate about empowering her clients to be able to take an active role in their recovery and in preventing future injuries.

Mo Hussaini



Mo graduated from Latrobe University, having obtained a Bachelor of Exercise Science and a Masters of Physiotherapy Practice.

His professional interests lie in treating lower back pain, neck and shoulders, knee pain, and sports related injuries/rehab.

Outside of work he spends time with his family, plays competitive cricket, and follows St. Kilda in the AFL.

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