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Our corporate health service offers a full suite of pre-employment and post-employment health care solutions.

Servicing across Melbourne & Gippsland

What We Can Do For You

CorporateChoice offers a full suite of pre-employment and post-employment health care solutions. As part of the PhysioChoice group of companies, CorporateChoice Healthcare is able to service our clients either on your business site or at our many PhysioChoice and Gippsland Physiotherapy Group locations throughout metropolitan Melbourne and Gippsland, Victoria. 

Our corporate health service encompasses six services that can be implemented together to provide one corporate health solution. These services include: 

    • Drug and alcohol testing
    • Pre-employment assessments
    • Injury Prevention
    • Early Intervention
    • Return to work programs.
    • Injury management
    • Audiometric testing service

We don't employ subcontractors, so you can count on our fully qualified physiotherapists and licensed nurses to give high-quality, consistent service.

Some of the most important advantages of our services are:

    • A decrease in the number of unhealthy hires
    • A decrease in the number of occupational injuries.
    • Decrease the amount of WorkCover claims due to injuries.
    • Lower the expense of any WorkCover claims that may arise.

This results in:

    • Lower WorkCover premiums
    • Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity
    • Improved employee morale and retention
    • Greater employee control of Occupational Health and Safety

Contact our helpful team today to experience the difference and learn more about how CorporateChoice Healthcare can assist you!

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