Corporate Health

For business of all sizes, we offer a full onsite service designed to prevent workplace injuries from occurring, and manage ones that do according to best practice standards.

We presently service small local businesses all the way up to multi-national companies. Find out how we save your company money, boost morale and increase productivity.

At PhysioChoice we have developed a very exciting and innovate solution which can be tailored to cater for the full needs of our Corporate Partners.

We incorporate different modules to accommodate your specific needs, including:

  • Detailed pre-employment screening to identify candidates who are more likely to become injured in the future.
  • Onsite injury prevention programs, conducted by the physiotherapist or by existing employees under supervision.
  • Early intervention programs (conducted either onsite or onsite), which an emphasis on early return to work.
  • This is all backed up by an extensive network of offsite physiotherapists who are committed to working with your company for the best outcomes.

All this adds up to less injuries onsite, lower WorkCover premiums, and more productive time being spent at work – we give you control over your return to work program.

If you are interested in learning more regarding the potential benefits to your organisation, including the potential cost savings, we ask that you please click here to contact us, so that a member of our dedicated team can give you more information.